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Private Investigations FAQ

Q. How much does it cost to perform an investigation?
Surveillance is billed at an hourly rate, which is dependent on a number of factors. Each investigation establishes a budget that is not exceeded without reviewing current progress and consent to increase the budget. Call us at 918-682-7300 for a free price quote.

Q. How quickly can you start an investigation?
Typically within 48 hours. Before starting an investigation we need to gather all of the facts, establish a surveillance plan, and complete some necessary forms.

Q. Is it legal to conduct surveillance upon another person?
Yes. It is legal to conduct surveillance upon a person for legitimate purposes. It must be performed by a licensed investigator.

Q. Is my information kept secret?
Yes. Oklahoma law requires private investigators to maintain confidentiality of all investigations. This applies even if an individual decides not to proceed with an investigation.

Q. Is Surveillance information admissible in court?
Yes. The information obtained by our licensed investigators will be courtroom quality evidence of all pertinent activities. Our licensed private investigators can also provide expert and credible witness testimony.

Q: I want to retain Advantage Process and Investigations - what now?
Call 918-682-7300 to receive a free consultation and quote. After that, you will be required to sign a contract & pay the agreed upon retainer.

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